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Windows, no more updates for the 2-in-1 released just two years ago

(Foto: Dell)

Microsoft interrupts updates for many of the old Windows 8 tablets that until last year were in a hurry to bring the latest version

(Photo: Dell)

Bad news for those who, a few years ago, got excited and got a nice 2-in-1 with a Windows operating system. As reported by many users and reported by ZDNet, the last major update of the operating system being released by April seems to be incompatible with the more recent ones 2-in-1 equipped with Intel Atom Clover Trail processor.

The gadgets in question are particular products: put on the market between 2013 and 2015, their strengths were minimal footprint, particularly low power consumption and a version of Windows finally designed for use on touch screens: Windows 8. With the launch of Windows 10 Microsoft has also updated this array of tablets for free, but evidently the processor inside them has not kept up with the improvements that the Redmond company has continued to make to its software: trying to install the Creators Update d as a result an error of software incompatibility.

The story is likely to turn out to be a boomerang in terms of the image for the Redmond house. At present the 2-in-1 in question are still at the Anniversary Update, the update of last July that at the beginning of 2018 it will no longer be supported not even with stability and security corrections, leaving products that are just 3-4 years old in jeopardy. The consumers involved in this situation will not be many, but if Microsoft wants to prevent them from being understandably nervous, it has two avenues: working with Intel on new drivers that make the processors Atom Z2760, Z2520, Z2560 and Z2580compatible with the Creators Update, or at least extend the duration of the security updates of the Anniversary Update beyond the 18 months initially planned.


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