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Windows as it is, or chaos

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Windows as it is, or chaos – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The sanctions requested by states that oppose mediation between Microsoft and DOJ could plunge the IT world into chaos. This is the disturbing prophecy launched during the judicial proceeding that is being held in Washington by Christopher Jones, among those responsible for the development of Windows.Jones, called before the court as a witness in favor of Microisoft itself, he painted at the solicitation of the lawyers of Redmond, a grim picture in the context of which if the request to distribute different versions of Windows without IE and Windows Media Player were to materialize, users would be damaged first. "Users – said Jones – would be confused and frustrated if they realized that products that are sold under the Windows brand are unable to launch Windows applications because parts of the code have been removed. " Jones then speculated that if the claims of the states were taken to the extreme, they could even get to see machines sold as compatible with Windows but that actually run other operating systems. Jones was questioned on several issues by lawyers who asked for as ever, based on agreements reached with the DOJ, PC manufacturers are able to remove the MSN services icon but only if they also remove Internet Explorer. "Perhaps you have chosen this path – said the lawyers of the States – because in this way it is more difficult for someone to get rid of the MSN icon?" "Something like that," was Jones.Jones' response, under pressure from state lawyers, then admitted that despite mediation agreements that theoretically should allow OEMs to choose which programs to launch from starting Windows , in essence nothing even possible today without the prior approval of Microsoft which must set Windows properly.

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