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Windows 8 arrives on the iPhone with Metroon

Windows 8 arrives on the iPhone with Metroon


Try Windows 8 on iPhone with Metroon

If you have a iPhone with Jailbreak, I recommend you try this theme called Metroon.

What is it about?

Metroon (5)

As you can see from the pictures, it is a beautiful iPhone theme in full Windows 8 style. Not Windows Phone 8, but Windows 8, the Microsoft operating system dedicated to PCs.

As we said, to work properly this theme requires an iPhone with jailbreak and access to the Dreamboard program.

The theme, however strange and particular it may seem, works perfectly on the iPhone and allows to have graphics and functionality very similar to those of Windows 8. It costs 1.50 and is found on Cydia in the default repositories.

But how exactly does this Metroon iPhone theme work?

After installing it, open Dreamboard on iPhone or iPod and select the Metroon theme.

In a few moments your smartphone will become a PC with Windows 8, very well looked after in every aspect.

As you can see, on the Start Screen you will already find some characteristic tabs of the Metro interface, but you can customize them as you like and order them as you wish, removing some and adding others.

Some tiles will also be live, just like on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. Really fantastic.

By holding down on a single tab for a long time, you can interact with it, moving it, moving it or changing its options.

By pressing the Start button located at the top of the screen you will have access to all installed applications. Each application can be easily added to the homescreen for faster and faster access.

Obviously there will also be the famous Windows 8 Charms Bar, which can be easily called up with a swipe on the side of the smartphone. This feature is also fantastic.

The lockscreen is also very well reproduced, which displays the background, date, time, unread messages and emails and other notifications with a badge in full Windows 8 style.

The Windows Phone-style status bar is also very nice.

In the lockscreen you will also find the various notifications of appointments, just like it usually happens on the iPhone.

In short, this Metroon is truly a beautiful iPhone theme.

Well-kept, well-made, functional and spectacular. If you want to try the Windows Phone experience on your iPhone, I recommend you try this beautiful theme. It costs $ 1.50, but it's all worth it. You will amaze everyone who will take your smartphone in hand thanks to this innovative and well-kept interface.

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