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Will the new iPhone have multitasking at Exposé?

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The rumor has been around for a few weeks: the next iPhone should finally allow third-party applications to multitask. Further confirmation comes from AppleInsider: the rumors site reports some news, learned by those who have already been able to observe more closely the functionality of the next firmware 4.0.

In addition to reiterating the presence of this feature, further details are added, which describe the service very similar to the Expos that Mac users know well. Through a specific action (such as a double press of the home button), an overview screen of the applications already running will be revealed via zoom-out, from which you can then choose the one to use.

The absence of multitasking for third-party applications (available for system apps instead) has always been the main Achilles' heel for the iPhone, perhaps the gap most cited by its detractors and most underlined by the least satisfied developers.

The reasons given by Apple for this limitation are to be found in the desire to keep the iPhone OS as safe as possible, and to limit the excessive. The latter goal was in any case undermined by the introduction of push notifications, very greedy towards the battery, certainly not less than a multitasking which – remember – however activated through jailbreak, a practice discouraged by Apple but practiced by several users who are looking for features not natively available.

The arrival of multitasking on the new iPhone should finally eliminate these hacks that often give rise to problems, and with them an important reason for discontent on the part of users and developers but above all to give owners of the iPhone (and of the other Apple devices that use iPhone OS) innovative applications and new features that are now impossible with just push.

(Edited by Giordano Araldi)