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Will only big tablets remain?

Apple, the possible features of the iPad Air 2

Declining sales figures for small-medium sized tablets, namely iPad and iPad Mini. That's why Apple thinks of larger displays

(Photo: Getty Images)

Apple has just introduced its new iPade already it speaks of a next larger apple-tablet (with 12.9-inch display) and the move seems the right one. Why? Because according to the analysis of the company Context, the sale of medium-small tablets in the third quarter of 2014 decreased by 10% compared to the same period in 2013. The saturated market and the life cycle of the products became longer.

The decline in sales mainly concerns tablets between 7.9 (down 22.6%) and 9.7 (-2.9%), or the iPad Mini and iPad sizes. The 7-inch tablet sector, which constituted 37% of the total of those in circulation in Western Europe, decreased by 37.8%.

The only segment that has recorded a growth of the 10.1-inch tablets, with 7.7% more, passing from 22 to 26% of the broadcasting quota.

The tablets collapse: the CEO of Best Buy says so too. And, vab, we too had ventured it, even without statistics in hand: the new smartphones and phablets can cannibalize smaller tablets. And iPhone 6 Plus a threat to iPad Mini. At Apple they have it well in mind and that's why they're looking at a bigger tablet.


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