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Will iPhone identify the user by listening to his heart?

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Will iPhone identify the user by listening to his heart? –

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Here is news as curious as it is intriguing: the US patent office has revealed a new document that was recently registered by Apple. Entitled S.E.H.R.M. (Seamlessly Embedded Heart Rate Monitor), it would be a powerful sensor hidden inside a future iPhone model, thanks to which the device would be able to detect the heartbeats of those who hold it in their hands and compare the data collected over time.

Although at first it may seem a function suitable only for some applications for the measurement of physical or medical exercises, in the patent (meticulously described by AppleInsider) other types of use are proposed: since each person, subjected to an electrocardiogram, shows absolutely unique cardiac data, this new technology would be used to associate the profile of its user with each device. This could block the use of the iPhone by people whose biometric data does not correspond to that of the owner.

The patent also refers to another document filed in June by the company from Cupertino, which described a technology capable of sensing the mood of who is using the device. Depending on your heart rate and other factors, a future iPhone may be able to tell if you are nervous, happy, sad or angry, and decide what type of content to offer.

Obviously, as often happens, such a bizarre patent could never see the light or come to life in a different form. Of course, Apple seems really willing to make iPhone a tool with the most unlikely and innovative features.

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