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Wifi problems with iPad, Apple publishes a technical note

Apple admits, even if only partially and only indirectly, that the iPad has some problems with Wifi. The semi-official confirmation, according to dozens of users who reported assorted difficulties (inability to connect, reduced speed, wavy signal) when the tablet connected to the wireless network, comes from a technical note (noted by Macworld Usa) that dated to monday.

We speak of semi-official and partial admission because on the one hand, of course, no mention is made of customer complaints, on the other the problem to which the note refers to a well-defined and limited reference to a phenomenon of non-reconnection to the network. According to Apple, the difficulty would be connected to the use of iPad with some third-party routers with dual band support and this when using the same network name for both networks or when using different security settings for each network. The problem would be solved by changing the name of the networks so as to differentiate it and changing the security parameters, so as to make them identical. If the problem persists, Apple recommends resetting the network parameters using the function found in> general> reset settings.

The problem admitted by Apple, as mentioned, although present among those complained of by the first iPad users, is not the only one and not even the main one. In terms of wireless connection, most of the headaches come from the reduced browsing speed, from the signal that appears and disappears and from iPads that have reduced reception compared to other devices connected to the same network. And this despite the fact that the network was created with Apple devices such as Airport bases or Time Capsules.

Even Apple, in any case, seems aware that the technical note referred to was not able to cope with all the problems since it published an announcement in the forum intended precisely for those in the unpleasant condition of not being able to connect to the Internet. The author, "Jason F." an Apple employee with the task of providing useful links to deal with the problem; most likely, the information contained in the pages indicated will not solve the headaches of those who have to deal with situations such as those described in the Apple forums, but at least there is the certainty that Cupertino has raised the antennas.