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Why Google+ closes: the scandal on user data

because google + closes

Google+ closes, the official announcement comes after the scandal at Cambridge Analytica: from 2015 stolen data about 500,000 and Google has not said anything

Google+ closes, after it scandal at the Cambridge Analytica: a bugs has enabled third-party developers to access user data of Google+ since 2015 until Google discovered it and updated it in March, but decided not to inform the world about it, about 500,000 users were victims unaware of this unauthorized access to own personal data.

Because Google+ closes

The events that led to the announced Google+ closure begin with a Wall Street Journal investigation that uncovered the Bug that made private information available to half a million users. But chow did this bug work?When a user gave an app permission to access their public profile data, the bug actually allowed developers to also extract data from formally non-public profile fields about friends and friends of friends. Ben 496,951 full user names, with email addresses, date of birth, gender, profile photos, locations, employment status and relationship were potentially exposed, although Google claims to have no evidence that the data was abused from the 438 apps that could have accessed it.

because google + closes

Google+ said nothing about the bug

The company, apparently, had decided not to inform the public because the matter would have brought them under the spotlight next to or even in place of Facebook, despite having been far from the radar during the scandalo of Cambridge Analytica, based on what is reported in an internal note. Now Google+, which was already basically a ghost town, largely abandoned or never inhabited by users, has become a huge responsibility for the company.

The news comes from a report of the Wall Street Journal according to which Google should also have announced a series of privacy-related reforms in response to the bug. Google has in fact released an announcement on the results of its security audit with Project Strobe a few minutes after the publication of the WSJ report: the changes include the interruption the access of most third party developers to SMS data from Android phones, call logs and some contact information; Gmail will also limit the creation of additional components to a small number of developers.

The official announcement: Google+ closes

As a result of this security analysis, Google+ closes, the social interrupt all its consumer-oriented services, leaving users the possibility, in the next 10 months, to export their data, while focusing on the creation of a new Google+ only for the company.

Google will also change its account authorization system to allow third-party apps to access user data so that they have to confirm each type of access individually rather than all at once. Gmail add-ons will be limited to those that directly improve e-mail functionality, including e-mail clients, backups, CRM and productivity tools.

Google+ not used: sessions less than 5 seconds

In an embarrassing way, Google also admits that this examination carried out internally clearly outlined what they already knew for some time, which is that, although their team of developers have devoted a lot of effort to creating Google+ over the years, they don't have achieved great success with most consumers. The consumer version of Google+ currently has a low use and engagement: 90% of the sessions Google+ user less than five seconds.

The Google consequences of the Google+ bug

Since the bug is relative make it safe they started in 2015 and were discovered in March, before the European GDPR came into effect in May, Google will probably save 2% of global annual revenue for not revealing the problem within 72 hours. The company could still face lawsuits, collective actions and public reactions. As a consolation, at least, G +'s posts and messages, Google account data, phone numbers and corporate content of G Suite were not exposed.

Since it is not yet clear whether user data on Google Plus have actually been collected and saved or if they are used for illicit purposes, the news of the bug could have been less important and, perhaps, even hidden by the biggest scandal related to Facebook, but the serious problem in primis that Google tried to cover the news about the bug, which, of course, makes the company look a lot worse with respect to trust from the public and institutions. He questions whether Google is transparent about tons of other controversial issues related to its own practices.

The Google+ scandal

The scandal could push Google in the same rough sea of ​​controls and criticisms in which Facebook is currently drowning, just as it feared the company in trying to hide the incident. Google managed to overcome many of the criticisms directed at Facebook and Twitter, arguing in part that this is not a real social network, but now things could change.

because google + closes

Google+ closes due to security, but it was also little used