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WhichApp, the Italian WhatsApp

It combines security and privacy with interesting features, such as the simultaneous translator of messages

Another contender joins the increasingly crowded landscape of apps that want to make shoes for WhatsApp messaging service. The English name, but the developers are all Italian: WhichApp available from August on the iPhone and iPad, but recently landed also on Google Play to reach the huge Android user base; moreover a version for Windows Phone and a client for PC and Mac are also under development.

The WhichApp recipe is based on security, privacy and an engine of simultaneous translation of messages. Thanks to the latter you can communicate in different languages ??without having to write the text in a separate app and copy and paste in the chat window.

There privacy instead safe thanks to devices also seen in other apps. Meanwhile, at the time of registration, an identification number is assigned which can be shared instead of the mobile phone number. The system of the delivery notifications: on WhichApp you can only make sure your message has arrived on the target smartphone, but not knowing if this was actually read. Support for self-destructing messages (such as those of Snapchat) and a Symantec-certified security system close the circle.


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