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"Where's my phone?" Searches for an iPhone with a whistle

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"Where is my phone" looking for an iPhone with a whistle – logomacitynet1200wide 1

At all it will have happened one or more times to place the mobile phone somewhere and then to forget it, looking for it desperately without being able to find it. At that point, the solution without solute is to ask someone to call our number, to make the device ring and follow its sound to track it.

The "Where is my phone" application is available on the App Store: just activate it and, once you lose your iPhone, just whistle; the mobile phone, if within 10 meters of distance, will answer by emitting a previously selected ringtone.

The program is certainly nice, but not particularly effective. In fact, multitasking on the iPhone is not supported, for the application to work it is necessary to necessarily launch the program before losing the mobile phone. A small nonsense that perhaps makes "Where is my phone" more suitable for some joking joke than its basic function.

The application for sale on the App Store at a cost of 0.79 euros; to download it simply follow this direct link to the iTunes Store.

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(Edited by Giordano Araldi)

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