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Where to watch TV series for free

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watch TV series

Many have been produced in recent years TV series thrillers of which you wouldn't want to miss a single episode. If you are looking for a service where to watch TV series in case you missed some of them, below you'll find the best websites where you can see them for free legally and without signing a monthly subscription. In Italy it has been a huge success Netflix. But not the only service available in our country. There are indeed many free and legal solutions that I will show you in this article.

The best services where to watch TV series

The comfort of the TV series in streaming that you can see them whenever you want and how you want. By now all the services are visible on PC, but also on Tablet, smartphone is smart TV. Many of them also allow you to download legally your favorite bets, so you can watch TV series on the go. Continue reading this article to find out where to watch TV series.

Rai Play – Free

Rai Play - Free

The first free service to watch TV series Rai Play. The well-known Italian broadcaster has recently updated both the website and the app. Now it has become much easier and more intuitive to review the TV series aired on Rai channels. Rai Play can be used both via the website, but also on iOS and Android devices through the relevant app. Who has a Smart TV, can also find the app on the store to use the function Replay even on TV.

Up Rai Play all TV series broadcast in recent years are available. There is no shortage of films, TV series, documentaries and television broadcasts. There is also the possibility of watching all Rai channels live on streaming. If you can't find a movie or TV series, you can use the convenient search function.

Mediaset – Free

Mediaset - Free

Also Mediaset offers a service similar to Rai. On the official website it is possible to review TV series, Fiction, films and all the programs broadcast on Mediaset channels. simply register for free and you can access the entire catalog. Also Mediaset makes available to all users the apps for iOS and Android, to be able to watch TV series also in mobility.



VVVVID offers a vast catalog of TV series. a completely free service. It offers TV series, films and anime whose rights were not purchased to be shown in the cinema or on TV. If you are a TV series lover, you will certainly find many non-commercial series that, without this service, you may never know. VVVVID it can be used both via the website (with free registration) and via the app on iOS and Android.

KissTube – Free

KissTube - Free

Maybe you don't know that you can watch TV series on YouTube too. A famous canal, called KissTube, collected them for us and offers them free to all users. To be able to watch them, just go to the playlist TV series complete in Italian via this link. If you want to use the service on smartphones and tablets, a special app for Android was also created. You can download it for free from the relevant stores. In addition to the TV series, films, documentaries and many genre-based programs are made available.


In this article I have listed the best services where to watch TV series for free. The list continues to expand. So if you know of other free and legal services that offer TV series, but also movies and documentaries, let us know through the comments. If they are considered valid, they will be included in this list.

If you are looking for other websites to watch TV series, I suggest you read our article the best sites to watch free TV series in streaming.