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WhatsApp, spy on voice calls

The new feature was registered by some Indian users. Accidental leak or test phase, the official launch can not be far

Now we are: after months of gestation, voice calls on WhatsApp are just around the corner. So imminent that more than one user in possession of the latest version for Android (2.11.508, not yet available on the official Google Play Store channel) if found on your smartphone probably by mistake.

The first to report it was an Indian user on Reddit, who published images and videos giving rise to a discussion which then collected among the answers the experiences of a series of compatriots involved in turn in the updating process. Many of the screenshots were later removed because they contained personal and sensitive data of the users in question and their contacts, but at least one of the videos remained (for the moment) online hosted on YouTube and clearly shows the function.

Nothing surprising from the point of view of the features: one table for calls joins the one with the recent chat history, a dedicated button to phone calls are integrated with the interface and the screen during the conversation resembles in all that the classic Android dialer, with the ability to put the call on speakerphone, soundproof the microphone and switch simultaneously to the text chat.

Whether it is an accidental leak certainly not, but it could confirm the fact that the same users who have been able to experience the function speak of it as of an experience still sobbing and full of bugs. The contacts chosen for audio conversations for example can receive phone calls, but not call back in turn. In any case, for a complete dissemination it should still be very little. On the contrary: if the anticipation of voice calls had arrived during the 2014 Mobile World Congress, perhaps we can expect an announcement for this year's edition of the Spanish event, which will take place a month in Barcelona.


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