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WhatsApp profiles deleted, suspicious names are banned

whatsapp profiles deleted

Numerous reports analyzed by WaBetaInfo have found the elimination of groups considered malicious

Numerous WhatsApp profiles deleted. According to the staff of WaBetaInfo, site expert in analysis on the messaging app, many users claim to be been banned without any obvious reason. Actually an explanation and became very clear. WhatsApp is prohibiting the use of the app to members of the application who use names (often the subject the name of a group) considered malicious.

The reports received atWaBetaInfo have triggered off an alarm bell so much so that due research has been done on this strange situation. Basically, what can be deduced? WhatsApp staff simply registered abnormal behavior by some users and decided to ban them. WhatsApp profiles deleted as a result they have loss of chat and the chronology as well as all the conversations of a certain group besides the media of the links and the documents contained.

whatsapp profiles deleted

The protagonists of this story, and we are talking about over hundreds of users, have tried tocontact the application staff, but they received a simple automatic reply saying that they had violated the Terms of Service. Without any possibility to get back your profile.

On inquiry of WaBetaInfo a first response was found on Reddit where the user Mowe11 published a post on the use of WhatsApp to his detriment. He explained that a boy who was a member of his group changed the name of his university group in something considered illegal, determining the prohibition of using the messaging app for the entire group.

Another user of Reddit, Francisco Alfaro, was in a group of his school, with about 100 participants. All members they have been "mysteriously" banished for no apparent reason. And another clue to the question then arrived from a follower of WaBetaInfo in which the follower, Lautaro, haffermatodes to have been banned for the same reason. An undigested change of name.

Not understood in detail because it happens, or rather because the deleted WhatsApp profiles are chosen with a particular detection. What is almost certain that it certainly is a automatic process and for the most part it affects above allon old groups or groups that have many participants, with a subject of harmful group.

WhatsApp profiles deleted, a diabolical solution

whatsapp group administrator managementThe fact that WhatsApp is protected cannot be discussed too much. And as a note from WaBetaInfo states "probably this is the only way WhatsApp can use to detect malicious groups, since chats and calls are encrypted end-to-end and you can see the content of the group, but they can only see its metadata ”.

The problem arises from the moment in which a participant of a large group, guilty of this practice applied by WhatsApp in canceling groups considered suspicious, out of spite or for pure entertainment can on its own initiative change the name of the group, invalidating the existence of the same as then at risk bannaggio.

We therefore advise group administrators on WhatsApp to use the new featurelimitation of group information, so only the administrator will be able to change the group information.

Just go to the "group setup" options, then click on "edit group administrators" and click on "administrators only". All solved.