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What's inside the iPhone? The most complete analysis

As previously reported, there is Samsung in the heart of the iPhone. But not only. In an exhaustive Semiconductor Insights report, summarized and illustrated by AppleInsider, three components are branded directly by Apple while six others are from independent manufacturers. Aside from the refinement, care and study in the interior design of the iPhone – which also makes it particularly resistant – it is interesting to see what the various components are.

The Nand memory produced by Samsung of the same type made for iPod nano, both in the 8 and 4 Gigabyte size. This allows Apple to take advantage of the close agreement with the Korean manufacturer and greatly optimize the costs of the devices. In addition, Intel provides the chip with 32 Mb of NOR memory and the one with 16 Mb of Sram. The radio transmitter components are three: the Gsm-Edge transmitter, branded by Apple but made by Infineon, then the Marvell chip (90 nanometers wireless lan) and the bluetooth component CRS BlueCore 4 ROM, identical to that used for example by the Blackberry 8100 Pearl .

The processor, although branded by Apple, instead produced by Samsung, is an S5L8900 with two 512 Mbits layers of memory superimposed on each other. Then the chip always branded by Apple that belongs to Broadcom, number BCM5973A on whose operating information the use is not clear, even if it should be the controller for the touch-screen interface. The third Apple branded chip is expected to be manufactured by Philips, but it was not possible for Semiconductor Insights technicians to recognize the marks.

For audio plays the chip of Wolfson WM8758, the same used for decoding the audio on the current iPod video. Excellent news therefore for the audio quality. Finally, as regards the components, the most important one is the display (not the scratch-resistant glass cover) of Balda, a German company that has a reputation for producing the best type of touch-screen on the market. In the five-minute video below, the procedure used by Semiconductor Insights to open and analyze the iPhone.