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What is the right charging time for the new iPhone 5?


Charging time for a new iPhone

In the past few days, our reader Francesco sent me an email asking for information on the iPhone 5 battery.

In particular, Francesco has just purchased an iPhone 5 and wants to know how to deal with the battery of his new smartphone. In particular, he wants to know how much to charge the iPhone 5 the first time and how to behave with subsequent recharges.

Here is his request.

I am a recent owner of iPhone 5. Wanting to keep the battery life as long as possible, I ask you some advice on the first recharges. Is it true that as soon as it is removed from the package, I must leave it on until it completely discharges? When do I charge it for the first time, how long should I leave it connected to the power supply? And for the second and third time? Thanks for the help!

As you know, the batteries currently used on smartphones are created in order to guarantee at least 500 charging cycles with full efficiency. Obviously, however, to continue functioning well over time, the batteries must be recharged with some minimum precautions. It is true that with new technologies it is no longer necessary to pay too much attention to the charging methods of our smartphones, but, at least every now and then, just make complete charge-discharge cycles to keep the battery efficient and fully functional.

After this brief introduction, here are the indications that I would like to give to Francesco regarding the battery charge of his iPhone 5. I remember that these indications are however also suitable for all other smartphones on the market, not only iPhone, but also Android , Windows Phone and many others.

The first charge must last approximately 6-7 hours.

For subsequent ones, download the phone and then recharge it up to 100%, taking care to disconnect it immediately from the power supply.

Once a month do complete charge-discharge cycles, as if it were the first charge.

Either way, Apple provides guidance on how to preserve the iPhone 5 battery.

The document available at:

I hope I have clarified Francesco's doubts and those of other users.

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