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What happened to Ruzzle?

What happened to Ruzzle?

Ruzzle has just turned two, what happened in these twenty-four months? Where is Ruzzlemania over?

(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)

guest post by Serena Sabella

In the beginning was the Scrabble – or the Lyricist (but how much noise did the Parryboy make in the dice remixing phase?): small pieces to be joined to form words of complete meaning and as long as possible. Then (in the age in which almost everything we consider funny and digital) the Scarab beetle became Ruzzle . First appeared on App Store and Google Play in March 2012, Ruzzle exploded in Italy in 2013: talked about on all sites and social networks (we did it too, eh), screenshots and share of the results of the battles at the last letter have started appearing in feeds and timelines, posted by players chasing new opponents. There was even the first Italian Ruzzle championship, soon to be forgotten.

What happened to the whole of Ruzzle? that only a year ago he suddenly swept us away? We asked Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of Mag Interactive, the company that produced Ruzzle. A century has passed since Alessio's visit to the Stuttgart office, but it was just ten months ago. So much fuss and so much silence immediately after. In short, what happened to Ruzzle?

"Ruzzle has exceeded all expectations. Worldwide, to date we have exceeded 50 million downloads. In Italy alone we had more than 10 million downloads; means that Ruzzle is almost on half of all Italian smartphones. Furthermore Ruzzle, the most downloaded app in all categories, on the Italian App Store in 2013. "

After a few months of domination by Ruzzle on social networks, we noticed a significant decrease in mentions. Online if you talked less and less.Was there also a decrease in the number of downloads?

"The number of downloads is still surprisingly high, considering that over 10 million Italians already have the game. What is most surprising is that the number of sessions of the active players is still very high. So, even if the buzz on social networks is not as intense as it was a year ago, millions of Italians are still playing Ruzzle actively. "

During the peak of Ruzzle's success, we saw hundreds of tutorials flourish on the web to win in a simple way. Are they really that effective? And the software really so predictable?

"We have some anti-fraud measures, both in the game and on the servers, but it is possible to work around them if you really have that purpose. Fortunately, most people do not enjoy playing cheating, in the long run they get tired. So, although annoying, the number of situations that involve someone who really cheats very very low. As for predictability, in reality not that the software is predictable, but more than anything else it's a game with a very good question defined (ie to find all the possible words in a grid of letters). To create a program that can solve the game instead of the user, it certainly doesn't take a degree in rocket science. But how much fun then, in the long run? "

After Ruzzle, QuizCross was also quite successful. What can we expect now?

"On 19 March in Sweden, there was a so-called" soft launch "of our new one Ruzzle Adventure. It is a single player game with hundreds of exciting missions that can only be completed through a mechanic similar to that of traditional Ruzzle. Once we have verified that all our parameters will meet our expectations and after making some adjustments to get the best version Possible, probably also going out in Italy. So let's hope for a fantastic shot of the buzz around RuzzleAlso in Italy. Stay tuned! On Twitter I am @d_hasselberg “.


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