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What does Facebook know about me? Find out now with Data Selfie

What does Facebook know about me? We all ask ourselves now a new Chrome extension called Data Selfie reveals a series of information Facebook has.

We all asked ourselves, "What does Facebook know about me"? A new Chrome extension called Data Selfie reveals a series of information that Facebook has on you, on all of us. If they gave you the opportunity to take measurements of your account information, among all those present online, what would you discover and what you don't know you've already shared? Here is the assumption from which I start the new application, created by the developers Hang Do Thi Duc and Regina Flores Mir. The application offers users the opportunity to find out what the footprint is left on the Net by posting and interacting via Facebook, thus making the hidden mechanisms of the social media for data collection, at least a little more transparent.

What Facebook knows about me: how can you find out

Data Selfie collects data based on the posts you click on, those you share, what you type, what you watch and how long you do it. Based on this information, the application create a personal profile using both the intuitive mechanisms of the IBM Watson supercomputer and the Apply Magic Sauce machine learning algorithm, finally showing a given selfie. this way you can answer the famous question: "What does Facebook know about me?" in the name of transparency and privacy, all Data Selfie codes are on Github and all the data that it collects about you will be stored on your personal computer (if you select the item it will import the data).

What Facebook knows about you: Data Salfie

The different sections of Data Selfies are organized in boxes, each of which provides precise information about: political orientation, religion, some of the relationships you have with what happens in the world.Baster download the application, open a new tab keeping the Facebook site open and you can explore your activities. In the meantime a counter will appear that will show the permanence for each page. Once back in the Data Selfie tab you will begin to find out who your 10 best friends are via social media and what are the 10 pages you visit most frequently, estimated on the basis of the time you spend between those posts. You will also see two lists, one of the words key and one that concerns people and characters, but also organizations. Both are cataloged in terms of relevance and both positive and negative reactions – related to them.

The overview of yourself on social media

Data Selfie shows such a kind of general overview of what dominates between the contents with which you have entertained, drawing up a profile – in the form of a graphic – that shows your 5 personality traits, which are measures commonly used in psychology: l?Openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, pleasantness and the emotional range.

Data Selfie, the details Once you have downloaded the application it will be necessary a few days, or at least a few hours of using the social network, to have a more precise idea on what concerns you, bearing in mind that the algorithm has no retroactive value. The information collected by the algorithm could be influenced, for example, by the pages of the newspapers you read, by your likes on posts of explicitly deployed organizations, but also on the foreign pages you interact with more often. After a few days of use you will discover that often traces we leave on the Net do not correspond faithfully to who we are and how we live in real life, and it might intrigue you to find out what Facebook deduces or thinks it knows about you, the answer to the fundamental question What Facebook knows about me, will surprise you. Obviously Facebook's tracking systems are very advanced and not even comparable to the more Spartan ones of Data Selfie, but the use makes the idea well.

100% accurate data?

The point that Data Selfie should not be 100% accurate according to Flores Mir provides only a hint of everything you could have left around the net with your likes, your shares and your participation. We only wanted to reveal how data collection processes take place.

So what does Facebook know about you?

Flores Mir claims, thanks to Data Selfie, to have been able to re-evaluate his own identity on the Net. For example, she is a fervent environmental activist, but leaves no trace of this environmental commitment as she spends time on Facebook, and in this regard, Do Thi Duc wonders if the lack of control over the information gathered could even lead to the discomfort of some, who might feel overwhelmed not only by everything that Facebook knows, but also everything they own. Who tested Data Selfie found himself spending less time on both Facebook and Google, jumping from browser to browser and relying on VPN systems to increase your privacy.

Difference between real and virtual personalities

Although Data Selfie was launched as a smart way to show people the difference between digital habits and values ??in real life, it also helps to ask decisive questions about data tracking, privacy and information control.What FACEBOOK DI ME knows selfie