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What do you think of Steve Jobs? BW readers cheer …

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A few days ago we reported a survey on Steve Jobs set up by the BusinessWeek website, now the results have arrived and are largely positive for the Macintosh ferryman from the pioneering periods to those of innovation (the real one) of information technology of the third millennium .

The voters were more than 4,500 and for 79.31% (3,557 votes) of these Jobs an excellent innovator, the remaining 17,55% (787 votes) consider the boss of Apple anyway an innovator very capable and simply OK only the 2.14% (96 votes).

Negative votes are negligible: 0.80% (36 votes) think that Jobs is not a great innovator. As CEO, Jobs excels for 46.66% (2,090 votes), very capable for 41.19% (1,845 votes) and 9.42% (422) assigns him the sufficiency, also for this question the negative votes stop at 2.03% (91 votes). 78.85% (3,526 votes) of the participants in this survey believe that with Steve Jobs in command the market prospects for Apple can only be positive, tracing if not exceeding, the glories of the past (reaching a percentage, of the slice of computers sold, consisting of two digits). The remaining 10.78% (482 votes) does not place hope in this, for now, utopia and an almost equal number of voters cannot answer 10.38% (464 votes).

If Jobs were to leave Apple, 44.5% (1,997 votes) think that the historic Cupertino company would have no hope of surviving. 32.15% (1,443 votes) have no idea what could happen and 23.35% (1,048 votes) believe that a change at the top changes nothing in Apple's prospects.

For those interested, the same weekly has set up another survey entitled "Apple and Microsoft should continue to collaborate?".