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Westlake announces the 50th Mac game

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Westlake announces the 50 Mac game – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Important milestone for Westlake Interactive. The American company specialized in the port of PC games to Mac has in fact announced that it has made available the Golden Master version of The Sims Hot Date, an expansion pack for The Sims. The game represents Westlake Interactive's fiftieth conversion of a PC title for Mac. Westlake Interactive was founded in 1997 by Mark and Glenda Adams and immediately established itself as one of the main realities in the world of Mac games. The Adam is credited with have brought the Unreal engine to Mac by facilitating the conversion of many titles. Westlake is also responsible for the port of Tomb Raider and Civilization III, two other popular titles in the PC world and, thanks to Westlake, also for Mac. Westlake is currently working on numerous other projects including the highly anticipated Jedi Outcast. Mark Adams says he is satisfied with the goals achieved but also anxious to be able to work on equally popular titles. "The rest of the year – he says in a press release – still has many news. In view of Christmas we will release many interesting games again. Mac users must expect exciting announcements in the coming months

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