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Weekend updates from Apple

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Mac OS X and OS 9 benefit from small corrective updates, without waiting for the glories and the clamor of the upcoming MacWorld in July. A wise policy that avoids concentrating too much meat on the fire, risking to pass unnoticed "minor" ads compared to others and, more importantly, solving now, some problems in which users could have stumbled.

In fact, one of the annoyances that could arise with Mac OS X, when the machine woke up from the sleep state, was the instantaneous failure to recognize the network settings, with consequent blocking of communications and inability to connect. Malfunction that occurred both using the modem and the xDSL line, forcing the forced restart of the entire machine: the "Networking Update", takes care of eliminating precisely this unfortunate condition. Minimum, but bearable side effect, of this update, the reset of the settings related to the Keychain that stores all the passwords. For this reason, applications that exploit it, such as Mail, will ask again, during the mail check operation, to confirm how to access it. A little more than 700 KB, currently available only through the automatic software update system. Update.

Of double nature, for OS X and also for the traditional Mac OS 9, however, the other update, AirPort 2.0.4, aimed at improving the characteristics of the Apple home wireless connection. Enabled to work with both new and the old Airport bases, the updater allows to correctly interpret the call via standard PPP telephone, to take advantage of the Remote Access capability through the Base Station, it is compatible with Windows clients that use the PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol) or IPSec for VPN networks. For us Italians, the setup assistant is of marginal interest, now he is able to configure the Base Station with the information for the America Online (AOL) account. Therefore, 2.4 MB that will appear available, in the list proposed by Software Update, only after updating the "Networking Update" previously described.

Both updaters require the machine to be restarted after their application, since the packages go to install components, very deeply in the Operating System (which, following the double application, gains the build of 5S66).

Remember, that even in the absence of "stand-alone" updates (as in this case), Software Update, however, presents an option to record and keep the updates applied, which is very convenient, especially when you have more Macintosh available on which to carry out the operation.

On the other hand, even Mac OS 9, given as dead and buried by programmers, according to Steve Jobs' directives, at the latest developer conference, benefits from two specifically dedicated upgrades.

The first is the Apple Authoring Support 1.1.9, or that set of extensions and drivers which is responsible for providing the ability to burn data and audio CDs, using only the operating system resources, without the need for specially dedicated software. In this recent incarnation, the range of recognized CD-R drives is increased and the reliability of iTunes and Disc Burner is improved in the burning operations. The list of compatible external devices, which can be consulted on a specific web page, among those that Apple dedicates to iTunes.

Last, but not least, the CarbonLib 1.6 element, an extension that allows the use of applications programmed according to the β€œCarbon” specifications also on OS 9. Almost 3 MB of mandatory download, suggested by an Apple technical document, in this regard, even for those who find themselves using the Classic environment.

Both packages can be downloaded directly: Apple Authoring Support 1.1.9, weighing less than 2 MB, from this link, and CarbonLib from this other. At the moment, both seem to be destined only to owners of OS in the US version; in fact the same updates for the Italian version of the System are still stuck to the previous versions 1.1.5 and 1.5 respectively, and, as regards the Authoring Support, very curiously an Apple note denies the possibility of using it on the System in Italian .