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Weekend Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčMonday Netatmo with discounts of up to 31% for Homekit home automation, Alexa, Google Assistant

Weekend Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčMonday Netatmo with discounts of up to 31% for Homekit home automation, Alexa, Google Assistant

On the occasion of Black Friday, Netatmo offers up to 31% discount on products purchased on Amazon until Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčMonday

This is an interesting opportunity to start the Christmas shopping season as the offer applies to the price of a wide range of Netatmo products that are all compatible with Homekit, Alexa and mostly with Google Assistant: we have tried almost all of them on our site : find all the information in this section dedicated to Netatmo of

Here is a brief overview of the products available at a discount in these hours.

There Netatmo Intelligent Weather Station, which measures the internal and external environment in real time, sends notifications to the user's smartphone when the quality of the unhealthy air and allows the user to keep track of the evolution of the environment by looking at the history of their data.

The accessories of the Netatmo Intelligent Weather Station: Intelligent Anemometer, which measures wind speed and direction, the Intelligent Rain Gauge, which provides real-time readings of the amount of rain, and the Additional Intelligent Internal Module, which allows the user to monitor another room combined with the Intelligent Weather Station.

The Thermostat Smart, designed by Philippe Starck, which allows users to save energy without sacrificing comfort and can also be controlled by voice

Netatmo Smart Home devices discounted up to 31% for Black Friday

The Starter Pack, Intelligent Thermostatic Valves to regulate the temperature of each room and optimize domestic comfort. To use them without a thermostat if you live in a condominium system by controlling even a single room.

The Thermostatic valves Intelligent Additional to complement the Smart Thermostat or Starter Pack – Smart Thermostatic Valves. They allow you to control each radiator to save even more energy.

There Welcome internal video cameraIntelligent with facial recognition that sends a notification to the user's smartphone in case of intrusion into the home.

There Presence Outdoor CameraIntelligent that detects and warns the user in real time if someone is wandering around the house and able to identify cars or animals.

The Netatmo Intelligent Smoke Detector which issues an 85dB alarm in case of fire and sends a real-time notification to the user's smartphone. equipped with a battery that ensures a 10-year lifespan, i.e. for the entire life of the product.

The Meter Intelligent of the Air Quality Netatmo which helps to create the healthiest environment possible by measuring its air quality, humidity level, temperature and noise.

Finally, the Video alarm system Intelligent, composed of the Intelligent Internal Video Camera, the Intelligent Internal Siren and the Intelligent Sensors for Doors and Windows.

Below you will find all the offers of the products in question valid at least until Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčMonday.

Netatmo Smart Wifi Thermostat for individual boiler, NTH01-IT-EC

Netatmo Starter Pack Smart Wifi Thermostatic Valves, Basic Kit for Central Heating, NVP-IT

Netatmo Smart Wifi Thermostatic Valves, Additional module for the Smart Thermostat and for the basic Kit for central heating, NAV-IT

Netatmo Air quality meter, temperature, humidity, noise and CO2 sensors, NHC-IT

Netatmo Outdoor Wifi Camera, Integrated Light, Motion Sensor, Night Vision, No Subscriptions, NOC01-IT (Presence)

Netatmo Indoor Wifi Camera, Motion Sensor, Night Vision, No Subscriptions, NSC01-EU (Welcome)

Netatmo Weather Station with External Wireless Sensor, Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit, NWS01-EC

Additional Module for Netatmo Weather Station

Netatmo Wireless Rain Gauge for Netatmo Weather Station, NRG01-WW

Netatmo Wind Gauge Anemometer for Netatmo Weather Station, NWA01-WW

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