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Websense Security: fake antivirus in the name of iPad

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Websense Security: fake antivirus in the name of iPad – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Hackers attacking iPad. For now, this is not a threat that points straight to Cupertino's device, but to those seeking information about it. The attack, which comes in the form of fake antivirus, was discovered by the Websense Security Labs ThreatsSeeker Network.

The fake antivirus (so-called rogue antivirus) appear in the form of a pop up window asking to scan the hard disk. At the end of the process, a (fake) virus is always discovered that the remote site offers to remove, then continually presenting windows that remind of the presence of a malicious software infestation. The peculiarity in this case that the creators of fake antivirus immediately "launched" themselves on the term iPad, so that by doing a search, an equally false information page appears on the Apple tablet by clicking on which the pop-up window is activated. A second noteworthy element that the so-called Blackhat SEO, have also managed to place the results at the very first places in the search response pages of the term.

In support of his discovery, Websense also provides screenshots of Google Trends which show that one of the phrases, the target of the Blackhat SEO attacks, is the increasingly popular 'announcement of the Apple tablet'.

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