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We recognize the copy CDs: with the sticker

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We recognize anti-copy CDs: with the sticker –

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The ISPI – International Federation of the Phonographic Industry together with all 46 international affiliates, including the Italian FIMI – International Federation of the Music Industry (with a press release dated 9 February 2017 … they are ahead!), Yesterday announced the introduction of a brand that will distinguish those audio CDs with one of the current and future copy systems inserted in the music medium.

This "stamp" may (therefore appear to be a free choice of the publisher, not an obligation) to be stuck on CDs or printed on the covers by record companies.

Recall that the first and unpleasant cases of protected but unreadable audio CDs in Mac drives broke out a little less than a year ago with the latest album by Natalie Imbruglia (you can re-read the fundamental steps of the matter by clicking the following links: Piracy kills music … but the protections ?, Bring to MP3 soon and the protected CDs will invade us).

The opinion of Lucy Cronin, director of the Global Entertainment Retail Association (GERA), the European association of record dealers, has agreed, saying: β€œthe more widespread the use of this logo, the more it will give the buyer CD to know what can and cannot do with the purchased CD. Correctly informing buyers should always be a goal of the record industry. "

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