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We begin to "switch" also in Italian

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We begin to "switch" also in Italian –

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Apple's advertising campaign for months now "Switch", a few hours ago even the Italian site of Apple has received the necessary update with a translation, albeit still partial, of this section. It is perhaps still too early to say if it is the prelude to TV commercials (like those of the controversial but funny Ellen Feiss) and of the press campaign with “everyday” testimonials (waiting for the VIPs), in Italy.

The impression, however, that it is still a step in that direction.

In fact, Apple now makes it possible for everyone to understand some of the stories of former Windows users who have decided to take the "big step", also helping Win Italian users to take some courage. Macity has been making the hypothesis that an Italian campaign both in preparation, accompanying these assumptions with rather concrete signals.

In the past, Apple had also launched an appeal to Italian users in the PC world to tell their story of "switches".

In the margin, we also point out the complete homologation of the graphics of the tabs of the various sections of the Apple Italy site, therefore aligned with that online for months on

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