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Waterproof Aquapac cases also compatible with iPhone

If you have a morbid attachment to your iPhone or are so busy that you can not move away from your phone even in the shower, Aquapac will calm your every concern.

The British company recently confirmed three of its ?100% waterproof? cases compatible with the Apple phone. Thanks to the polyurethane material, you can take Cupertino's mobile phone in the shower, the sea or in the swimming pool.

The iPhone will remain safe in the case but can be safely used with the appropriate headphones. Also due to the invoice, the multitouch screen can also be used from the outside without any problems.

The waterproof safety of Aquapac guaranteed by the aforementioned use of polyurethane and the Aquaclip closure, which offer protection up to a depth of approximately 4.5 meters.

There are three Aquapac case models that can also be used with iPhones: Small Armband Case ($ 35), Mini Phone / GPS Case ($ 25), and Small PDA Case ($ 25).