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Warm up the engines for the first Apple headsets expected at WWDC and AirPods X

Apple ha venduto 3 milioni di AirPods in 4 giorni

The serial leaker Jon Posser, after years dedicated to providing Google and Android services and devices, is unleashed with a barrage of Apple advances: after those on the iPhone that we have already talked about in this article, now the indications of the first Apple headphones expected to arrive WWDC and, after a few months, also of new white earphones indicated for the first time with the name AirPods X.

Not only that: thanks to the codenames, expected prices and also to the comparisons with some audio devices already on the market, we can get a clearer idea on the positioning of the products, characteristics and functions of the new incoming audio accessories branded Bitten Apple. The first Apple headphones, which will perhaps be presented at WWDC 2020, are internally indicated with the code B515: when they arrive on store shelves instead, they will be marketed at a price of 350 dollars, not far from the 400 dollars indicated in recent months.

first apple headphones

For the first Apple headphones that we will see at WWDC, the leaker offers a comparison with the mysterious Beats 700, in reality most likely meant the Bose 700, headphones with noise cancellation, voice assistant and price similar to that expected by Apple. Recall that we have heard about these headphones for years now, and that some clues have also been discovered within iOS 14, so 2020 seems to be the year of the release.

Instead, after months of clues about the mysterious AirPods Pro Lite earphones, Posser now indicates a simpler name that seems even more in line with Cupertino's style and nomenclature: AirPods X. The internal code of this B517 accessory with an expected price of about 200 dollars and release in September or October, therefore in principle simultaneously with the new iPhone 12 2020. The AirPods X are compared to the Beats X indicated for running, sport and outdoor activities, but these earphones are connected to each other by a cable, a feature that has never been seen in AirPods.

The anticipation ends with two disturbing words: according to Possner, Apple's final goal is to end Beats, a brand acquired years ago whose Cupertino catalog has contributed greatly to strengthening and expanding. At the time of writing, it seems unlikely that Cupertino really intends to retire Beats. But even if this were really the final goal, you will need far more than a headset and some earphones to replace the entire Beats product catalog.

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