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War at Home: Battlefield 4 vs. Call of Duty: Ghosts (Part 1)

War at Home: Battlefield 4 vs. Call of Duty: Ghosts (Part 1)

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We are at the gates of the second great annual conflict in the world of video games. After line of call Fifa vs PES, already discussed a month ago on this site, we must try to give the pros and cons of two war titles, at war with one another: Battlefield 4 is Call of Duty Ghosts. The first to come out on October 31 for Pc, Playstation and Xbox, while the answer ofActivision arrives November 5th on all the consoles cited plus the Wii U. Il Gamesweek has given the opportunity to many to try them and compare all the novelties proposed by videogame houses. I was lucky enough to be able to access the stands and talk to international sales representatives about both games, which have been very willing to describe their products.

During the discussions I had fun asking them what they thought of the competition title and the answer was practically the same: Its better game, neither better or worse, its just different. I found myself with the same impression: although the two games occupy the same market niche, they are anything but the same. It is therefore necessary to take a close look at both, this week we start with Battlefield.

Battlefield 4, you can't save on graphics

Electronic Arts this year offers an impressive title. Despite for the time being by number of sales he wins Activision, this year Battlefield promises to redeem himself badly. All the presentations made at the Gamesweek centered on the multiplayer that actually looks like the part of the game that will catalyze the most attention. Certainly much more attractive than the single plot which presents numerous problems (i.a. painful, plots already seen, wild spawn of the enemies): it seems almost a six-hour exposure of the graphic engine, in fact absolutely impressive. Focusing on the positive aspect, in fact, it is impossible not to notice the spectacle of this game.

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<p>The engine <strong>Frostbite</strong>  a jewel! Seeing the game with settings to the maximum gives the feeling of being in the middle of the battlefield and, apart from some small problems of aliasing given by the fact that I played on <strong>Xbox One</strong> lit for 40 hours, even with all the dynamics of movement given by the continuous destruction of the battlefield, the game flows perfectly smoothly. Added to this is an exceptional sound design, in which with closed eyes you understand whether you are shooting outdoors, in a building or between two containers, a touch of class indeed. Suggestive settings, with features that seem to be taken from real abandoned buildings, a great care in managing the details of dust and splashes or rubble left by the impact of a bullet, light and colors, together with the great destructive freedom left to the player give great emotions , both in the single campaign and, even more so, in multiplayer.</p><div class='code-block code-block-5' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Everything can be summarized as: EA gives ample potential for fun, with extraordinary peaks of emotion given by realism, yet sinning in the care of virtual opponents, which spoils the taste of the game. But this problem does not arise when we run into pvp. There is no problem of AI, of plot or obsolete enemies that follow schematics without imagination.

Tactical war zones

While watching the game in the stand of Battlefield 4 I made friends with a player whom I had given the place after a couple of times who killed me in a pitiful way and told him what to do to show me the game. At one point, at my request, he threw a grenade at a wall, this exploded and collapsed dragging behind the roof and killing three opponents nearby. This guy soon got the same by destroying part of the base of a chimney that collapsed ruinously in the middle of the battlefield in full combat. What is the potential of this? Huge! Everything becomes a delicate tactical choice and collaboration between teammates becomes a very important card to play.

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I advise you to watch the gameplay that is on the Shanghai map: between collapsing ceilings, bursting tubes and statues that are smashed under the 90mm blows, you reach the grand finale with a whole building collapsing. I just want to emphasize that the totally optional map event; not a graphic expedient, but it depends on the game the player is playing, that is if he wants to throw it down already! So much freedom of movement and tactics means that you can play the same map hundreds of times without falling into the monotony of an already seen strategy. This adds to the fact that the game modes are intriguing, made to take advantage of the maps but also for fast actions.

The new mode defuse seems made to wink to old-fashioned players, like me, that a little game a Counter Strike if they do it willingly. The purpose will be precisely to place a bomb and have it detonated in one of the two intended objectives; exactly as in the Valve game there will be no respawn and the key to the game becomes teamwork. No snipers like in cod therefore, but solid teams. The maps are very different and adapted to the type of game, some (like the ones for the defuse) are small and have no vehicles, others, as mentioned above Siege of Shanghai, they are huge and offer spectacular shows. To report a map that is called Flood Zone, available in a video presentation, which can be progressively flooded by breaking down the banks of a flooding river. Every time the water level rises the position of the map changes completely as well as the game you have to do, passing from the streets to the roofs of the buildings. Absolutely original.

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Well stocked barracks

Finally giving a look at weapons and equipment there are some new and several rifles. The most intriguing novelty is the new stab. In principle, a stab in the field of certain death, but now a frontal stab triggers a very brief quick time event that allows the awake player to respond in time and rub the kill of the opponent by sending him to hell. Which doesn't work with stabs in the back. In my opinion a nice choice of realism, in the hope that it does not knock down the use of the knife and the classics last men knife fight typical of maps without respawn (the Defuse for example).

IT'S AT otherwise it gives us about a hundred or so different firearms, all of which can be personalized with what you want: skins, kicks, loaders, not just aesthetics, but real statistic modifiers. The signing of the EA can also be read in the vehicles, which can in turn be customized, varied and designed for every need. From jets to wagons to naval vessels to helicopters, which have a simplified guidance system compared to previous titles. Player classes range fromassault, which will have the exclusive defibrillator and cure, al support that recharges the ammo of the companions (subtleties from experts of the team game this) boy scout which will basically be a permanent presence on the various camping spots on each map.

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<p>For example on the aforementioned <strong>Flood Zone</strong>, just place yourself on a roof and hit the poor who swim in the rising water. I thought it was a losing choice for the game, but balanced by the <strong>Commander Mode</strong>. Reached level 10 of experience, in fact, a player per team can become supreme commander, have a strategic view of the entire map and be able to direct missile attacks throughout the area, as well as addressing the comrades. In practice, if you stay still long enough in one place you get a torpedo on the head. The <em>commander</em> can complete, by completing the appropriate tasks, to provide upgrades and extra resources to soldiers in the field and to completely demolish a building occupied by the enemy.</p>
<p>What to say? A title that really promises to grab an important slice of the videogame market. More than a game you would say a war simulator, focused on tactics, on the ability to work in teams and on dynamic maps. No more solitary gunslingers or players who individually decide the fate of a game, perhaps with one <strong>killstreak</strong> well established, but teams that fight with the help and guidance of an experienced player. No more idiots with an easy trigger!</p>

<p>Before pulling a sum, you should also take a good look at <strong>CoD: Ghosts</strong>, but here I went too long, so I hope to have you with me again in seven days to check the title <strong>Activision</strong> and see which is better! Read in a week!</p>
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