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Waiting for iPhone: waiting for the future

Never has a product from Apple or an information technology company been more anticipated than the iPhone, unlike what happened to other computers, digital players or accessories from Cupertino, Apple – thanks to the fact that it had to present the object in time to the commission of contrary to his habits, he had to anticipate the main features, leaving little room for imagination on the form, but good space for speculation on the secondary functions, on the methods of use and marketing terms.

An obligatory advance but which was eventually transformed into a marketing strategy that seems to have rewarded expectations, on the one hand blocking the competition market (those of us with a more or less recent phone decided to wait to change it to check if iPhone , once on the market, would it have been the right replacement?) and on the other hand stimulating competition, which immediately ran for cover trying to design products that could contrast the outgoing phone.

To be honest, we do not hide a good dose of envy for American citizens, the first to be able to get their hands on the most anticipated mobile phone in history, an expectation that Macity lived from beginning to end: from the very first statements of Jobs, which excluded a future launch of an Apple-branded cell phone, up to the first (inaccurate) rumors that wanted a mobile phone now ready for the imminent launch.

The launch actually took place last January, also to give confidence to investors who were now eagerly awaiting the announcement of the mobile phone. All will remember the roar that followed the words of Steve Jobs when the iCeo was preparing to present its "revolutionary phone" at the keynote. Macworld 2007.

Macity was there and he did not miss the chance to try the "revolution" with his own hands, giving our readers the first hot impressions, and then considering them again in recent times.

In addition to the enthusiasm, the release of the mobile phone has sparked numerous criticisms: like all the most discussed products, iPhone has catalyzed the attention, both from a positive and negative point of view.We remember the externations of Steve Ballmer, or the problems – then resolved – with Cisco, linked to the name. Other aspects have led to reflections on the features offered by the phone, the side on which Macity also reasoned in detail.

In the meantime, the competition has not remained with our hands and is engaged in the production of equipment that can compete with the new Apple device. The most noteworthy are certainly the "Prada" of LG, the RAZR2 of Motorola and the HTC Touch by HTC.

Without a doubt the aspect that interests us even more hidden among the folds of Apple's future strategies: what will become of us European users? In a few days iPhone will be on sale in the USA. For Europe, however, nothing is known yet; everyone continues to wonder which operator will take the honor of marketing the mobile phone. The rumors chase each other: first Vodafone, then T-Mobile, then 3.

Although the mobile phone was revealed six months ago, we can say that for every doubt dispelled by the presentation at least one more has arisen ready to replace it. Perhaps many question marks that still surround Cupertino's cell phone will be removed on Monday. And as always we will be there to tell you about it and make you be in the front row.