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Vodafone: we don't like the iPhone without 3G

Vodafone: we don't like the iPhone without 3G logomacitynet1200wide 1

In Europe there is not a single telephone operator that has not had contacts with Apple on the iPhone and among these there was also Vodafone which has not yet been excluded from the negotiation. This is what we learn from an article published late in the morning by the London branch of Reuter.

The service, which presents some statements by the CEO of Vodafone who spoke on the topic in the margins of the presentation of the tax results, the most explicit ever published to date on the interest in the Apple mobile phone by the British operator who seems to have some concern regarding hardware specifications. 'It is clearly a good device from a software point of view – says Arun Sarin, CEO of Vodafone – but for our part we have doubts regarding the characteristics of connectivity. We are looking forward to seeing the 3G version or the HSDPA version arrive. '

It seems to understand that Vodafone, which like many other European carriers, has invested heavily in 3G technologies, remains perplexed about the possibility of launching a device that is not compatible with them and therefore intends to wait for the evolution of the mobile phone. The concerns of Vodafone are part of a very controversial trend, that of compatibility with 3G networks by the iPhone. Apple on at least a couple of occasions has mentioned the matter claiming that at the moment there are problems, especially with reference to the battery life and the size of the hardware, which advise against the adoption of Umts.

In any case, according to Sarin, there is not a single telephone operator in Europe that has not negotiated with Apple. Whatever the outcome of these negotiations for the CEO of Vodafone does not say.

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