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Vodafone revises (upwards) the iPhone entry costs

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Vodafone reviews (upwards) entry costs for iPhone –

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Vodafone modifies the initial contribution that must be paid to obtain iPhone 3GS: with some plans, for example with Pi Facile Top Club, the contribution now of 129 euros for the 16GB 3GS and 189 euros for the 32GB therefore less than the previous of 180 euros and 180 euros.

In general, for the news of Vodafone they involve a higher initial expense for those who choose iPhone. with the Pi Facile Large plan it is now necessary to pay a deposit of 229 euros and 289 euros respectively for 16GB and 32GB iPhone 3GS. With the previous rates the advance payments were 169 euros and 229 euros. Another plan that revises upwards the entry costs Pi easier Medium with 329 euros and 389 euros to always be anticipated for iPhone 3GS 16GB and 32GB, while before the entry fees were 269 euros and 329 euros.

Finally, the Easy Phone plan for iPhone seems to remain unchanged between the new and the previous price list, which provides for an initial contribution of 5 euros for the 8GB iPhone, 69 euros for the 16GB and 129 euros for the 32GB model. This is the subscription formula with the lowest entry prices, which provides for the payment of 24 installments of 29 euros per month.

For all the other details and costs of the new Vodafone iPhone plans, we recommend visiting the operator's web page. It is worth noting that the new costs and rates are displayed correctly by choosing 16GB or 32GB iPhone 3GS, while if you choose 8GB iPhone 3G the site refers to a generic subscription page. Finally, the first page dedicated to iPhone subscriptions for each model always indicates the price starting from zero euros, even if with the new tables we have not been able to identify a plan that actually proposes this formula.

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