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Vodafone, first data connection with LTE

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Vodafone, first data connection with LTE –

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Vodafone Italia has announced that it has made the first data connection using LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology within the TSCC (Technology and Service Creation Center) Innovation Lab in Milan. With this development, sosciet confirms its commitment to promoting the evolution of fourth generation mobile broadband.

According to Vodafone, LTE technology will make it possible to provide services comparable to those offered by fixed networks, also allowing a significant improvement in terms of energy efficiency.

Already since May 2009, the company has been carrying out tests on LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology in its laboratories in Milan, first on experimental equipment and, more recently, on commercial solutions to reach a field trial. The preliminary performance of the commercial equipment installed in the laboratories last January 2010 is in line with the specifications of the fourth generation standard and has shown that it can achieve the expected transmission speeds without particular fine-tuning.

The test activity in Italy is part of a global program for the development of LTE technology by the Vodafone Group which is carrying out field trials in various European countries. (By Mauro Notarianni)

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