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Vocolinc L1, the Smart bulb compatible with HomeKit

With Vocolinc, the price still drops for what, following our tests, turned out to be an excellent Smart bulb that can be controlled by smartphone and tablet but, above all, compatible with Apple's HomeKit, thus being able to benefit from all the advantages both as regards the first synchronization (as we will explain practically a matter of a minute) that for quick management from the Control Center or from the Apple Home app, without forgetting the inevitable Hey Siri to manage everything without hands.

Com done

It is as big as a classic light bulb and also quite light: it weighs just 90 grams, which means that the company managed to contain all the technology in a weight very close to that of a common light bulb, with which it also shares the external appearance. In fact, compared to the common incandescent bulb, it differs only in the cover of the bulb which, rather than in glass, in polycarbonate and with an opaque cover that hides the inside. From the point of view of lighting, according to our tests, more than enough to well illuminate a room of about 25-30 square meters.

Technical data

  • Consumption: 6W, 40W equivalent
  • Color temperature: 2400K5300K
  • LED light color: 16 million colors
  • Luminous flux: 470 lumens
  • WiFi: 802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz

First mating

After fixing it to the lamp holder (socket E27), you need to turn on the switch that activates it and configure it with your smartphone. You can use the free LinkWise application (for iOS and Android) or you can configure it through the Home application of iOS, as the lamp fully compatible with Apple's HomeKit.

We preferred the latter system but in both cases the pairing procedure does not change: in fact, just start the app and follow the instructions on the screen, framing the unique code affixed both on the bulb and inside the package with the smartphone's camera. The whole process takes a few tens of seconds, after which the lamp will be correctly connected to the home WiFi network.

How are you

Although it is also possible to use it as a classic light bulb, turning it on and off using the physical switch, the control via smartphone obviously opens the doors to greater personalization of the bulb, starting from the coloring. Lapp Casa di Apple, as we know, provides us with a crown of ready-made colors that allow you to quickly select a neutral white light, some colder shades and others warmer (ideal before going to sleep). You can also adjust the lighting intensity on a scale from 0% (off) to 100%, thus adapting it to the needs of the moment, for example reducing it to 1530% while watching a movie.

As anticipated, you can control the light even without hands: just a Hey Siri, turn the light on / off or a Hey Siri, set the brightness to XX% to manage the main functions of the lamp.

Automations can also be created, for example by deciding specific days of the week and times when the light must switch on or off, also customizing color temperature and light intensity. We can therefore, for example, plan to make it turn on at the same time as our alarm clock, with a soft white light, on the days of the week when we go to the office, or create more automations as a diversion by making it turn on and off for a few tens of minutes at different times of the day during the holidays, thus giving the appearance of being at home to discourage criminals.

If you purchase more than one light bulb, you can rename it by creating groups in the app, each for each room. In this way you can turn on and off all the lamps in a room in one fell swoop, or turn on and off all the lights in the house with a single voice command.

Vocolinc L1


Like many other bulbs of this kind, the fact of being able to use it independently of the smartphone as a common lamp has allowed the whole family to turn the light of the room in which it was located on or off, even for those who have not installed the app and do not have a iPhone. Being able to adjust color temperature and brightness proved to be much more useful than we thought, especially if you use the lamp in the room, where some pre-set scenes can make the difference for waking up, watching a movie or for ten minutes before bedtime. Being able to say simply Turn off the light keeping your hands warm under the covers something you can never give up again.


It does not require a Hub, easily inserted in a homekit context, also compatible with Google Home and, soon Alexa. Good color range. Competitive price.


The limited light intensity does not make it suitable as the main lamp of a medium-sized room.

Retail price

Vocolinc L1 on sale on Amazon for 22.99 euros in the kit with a single bulb or 43.99 euros with two bulbs in the package. The really interesting price if we think that bulbs of this kind cost even more than double. As if that wasn't enough, these days using the code SEKWELHA you can still buy them at a discount: the single bulb will cost you 19.54 euros while the kit of 2 bulbs drops to 37.39 euros (shipping included).

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