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Vocalia, voice recognition also in Italian for iPhone and touch

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Vocalia, one of the most popular applications for voice recognition on iPhone or iPod touch, now also includes Italian. The release of the update also provides customers who speak our language with a system to use different iPhone features by simply "dictating" them on the phone.

With Vocalia, for example, you can speed up the search for the person or business you need to contact, the artist you want to listen to and the website you want to consult.

To make Vocalia work, just press the icon, choose the correct mode: Contacts, iPod or Favorites and say the name of the contact, the artist or the Favorites. Vocalia at that point will choose the results closest to what is pronounced. At that point it will be possible to say "Home" or "Office" (in contact mode), or what you want to listen to: "All songs", an album or a particular song (iPod mode) to execute the command.

Vocalia allows you to add vocal shortcuts to contacts (for example a nickname or a diminutive), to divide the name and surname of your contacts (by pronouncing only the name, Vocalia displays all the contacts whose name Giovanni), to define the navigation mode (vocal , manual or timer), activate the proximity sensor for better voice recognition in noisy places, shake the iPhone to try again. Vibration can optionally signal when you can begin to speak. Vocalia also imports the favorites registered on the Mac or PC (for more information click here).

Vocalia uses Julius for multi-locutor voice recognition, works on your second generation iPhone or iPod Touch (without network connection), does not send any personal information to remote and unknown servers, automatically provides phonetic transcription of your contacts, songs and Favorites, display up to 10 results and complete everything with visual effects in response to sounds and gravity.

Vocalia on sale on the App Store for 2.99 euros