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Vocal Search: how it works and what changes in searches

Vocal Search

Vocal searches humanize SEO and completely distort it: what changes in users' intentions and strategies?

There voice search a reality that has long been offered by search engines like Google and taken out of the "digital assistant" systems such as Home (always by Google) or Amazon's Alexa, making the Search world coincide with the Internet of Things.

David: Yes, but I'd like to ask you a question.HAL 9000: Of course!

Such a conversation no longer appears to be science fiction of a past future like that of 2001: A Space Odyssey, but 17 years later we respect the predictions of Clarke and Kubrick, we can say we have arrived.

Vocal Search

How voice search works

There technology recognizes the spoken language, to allow users to do research no more typing on a keyboard or touch screen, but speaking. To date, in addition to the aforementioned Google and Amazon, there are also Microsoft with Cortana and Apple with Siri to lead the charge of voice assistants. The one that is often ironized with a sketch like "find me grandma's cake recipe"To which it follows"I'm looking for how to make the hem of the skirt"As if we were talking to an old deaf relative in reality a method of approaching the totally revolutionary research tool, in the strict sense of the term.

In fact, we must consider that the people speak differently than they write (in addition to being faster) and the simplicity of use in multitasking – those driving drive to the navigator with voice commands rather than the risk of being distracted by typing uncomfortably on the touch – make the voice search a reality in very strong growth, comScore estimates that by 2020, over 50% of online searches will be addressed in voice form, and you can bet that the estimate could easily be seen on the upside, given the now widespread distribution of smartphones.

How Search Marketing changes with voice search

It goes without saying that this method of use also implies in the way of doing Search Marketing. Just think of the habits of use: even up to 5-6 years ago it was easy to imagine a user typing on the keyboard "Rome restaurant"While today the challenge is to be visible at the exact moment when the same, perhaps around the capital city, hungry, asks his voice assistant"Hey, where can I go and eat nearby? They are next to the hotel such de”.

In fact, the conversational tone, the questions that in the journalistic field are called the 5 W (translated: Who, what, how, when, how), the "long tail" (modified) of research will make it even more master.

The opinion of a specialized expert: Daniele Solinas

I asked my friend and colleague Daniele Solinas, one of the first SEO companies in Italy to address the topic of Vocal Search, an opinion and small tips to keep up with what will be yet another – and perhaps greater – revolution in the use of the search engine:

"With the voice search we are facing an epochal change for users and for SEO. We have been used to working for a long queue for years ”while now we are facing the reality of natural language and colloquial tone to be implemented in our web projects to intercept the searches done with the voice. Google in particular seems almost to have prepared itself over the years for this change of course by updating and refining the algorithm (especially with Hummingbird and Rankbrain) precisely in order to understand the real user research intent. Thanks to these updates, the search engine can interpret two different types of search with the same search intent to return the exact same answer. Voice assistants are able to interpret the search intent on vocal searches like weather Genoa or what's the weather today returning for both the same result.The great majority of voice searches are at local intent. It can be very useful to optimize our sites by inserting links to important places in the vicinity of the activities that we also take care of to take advantage of the micromoments of the users (eg restaurant near the Colosseum). To close, do not underestimate the optimization and care of the Google My Business card, in most cases the voice search returns the results in the Local 3 Pack. For those who use home voice assistants (Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc.) they know that the result spoken without even having the screen display ".