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VMWare Coockbook, guide to configuring virtual machines

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Virtualization is one of the most important technologies that have emerged in recent years. In fact, very ancient, since it dates back to the beginnings of the mainframe, it has become a commonly used tool today as everyone who uses virtual machines inside their personal computers knows. In a corporate environment, virtualization has become one of the major drivers of consolidation and therefore of improving ICT expenses. But how to manage it?

The O'Reilly publisher, specialized in technology books that are also translated into Italian, has created this "VMware Coockbook", written by Ryan Troy and Matthew Helmke, the first system administrator with twelve years of experience in the Unix and Linux environment, the second journalist and essayist specialized in Linux environments and in particular Ubuntu. Practical and functional guide, well written and very clear, with many examples and solutions to the most important problems, addresses the issues of installation, implementation of disk storage and configurations, logical and physical network configurations, security and monitoring, resource management, shares, resource pools, clone and migrate servers, advanced configuration and fine-tuning.

The book, available through the O'Reilly online shop, also available on the App store at a price of 3.99 euros for immediate download on iPhone and iPod touch.