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Visual Voicemail, Apple closes the lawsuit

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Visual Voicemail, Apple closes the lawsuit logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple closes the legal affair that opposed it to Klausner Technology and can now deploy without fear of economic problems and to retaliate the Visual Voicemail technology. The plaintiff was the same as the one filing the lawsuit filed by Klausner who claimed some patents behind the closed visual answering system.

The 'The affair inherent in the patents – said Klausner Technology in a statement – must be considered ended. Apple has licensed the same patents. "

Apple was not the only company to have an open slope with Klausner. In court, eBay (for the subsidiary Skype) and At & T also ran the risk of ending up. Vonage and Sprint had already paid what was due and Comcast and Cablevision Systems were also under discussion. The lawsuit asked for $ 360 million in damages and royalties and was filed in December.

I don't know how much Apple and the other realities legally threatened by Klausner paid to close the affair.

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