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Virtual PC 5.0.4 improves for security and the network

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The 5.0.4 update of the PC emulator for Mac includes a renewed version of the VPC Additions, which are self-installing transparently to the user, as well as a password protection system that prevents unwanted modification of the settings of the emulated PC.

The emulation of the COM serial port, enriched with advanced settings and, to take full advantage of the networking features of Mac OS X, a shared Networking system called SBSN is introduced, which combines the features of Open Transport with those of NetBIOS.

To take full advantage of the features of Windows, however, the item "press CTRL-ALT-DEL" is added to a drop-down menu, undoubtedly the most known (and exploited) key combination in the world.

Over 10 MB of downloads that can be downloaded from this link, bearing in mind the fact that the application of the updater requires a restart.