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Virtix Spectra 2.0 updated plug-ins for iMovie

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The new version of the filters contains 4 new effects: Extreme Contrast, Bubbles (bubbles – to simulate an underwater scene), Crosseyed (for an "alienation" effect) and Snow especially suitable for videos for the "cold season"!

The filters in general are to be used to alter or correct images, highlight objects or bring new effects in the video: here is the list of the first twenty contained in the previous version of the package to which are added those mentioned at the beginning of the article: 3 Color Correctors, 3 Advanced Filters for Black and White, Color Spot, Color Bleed, Color Filter, Color Offset, Enhanced Photo Negative, Extreme Black & White with Color, Extreme Color Blend, Moonlight, Phasing Colors, Phasing Light, Rotate Colors (RGB), Rotate Colors (RBG), Strobe Light and Sunset.

The new package costs the same as the previous 24.99 and can be downloaded for free by those who own the version 1.0 license. You can download directly from the Virtix website: