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Virtix Pan & Scan filter for iMovie on Mac OS X

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Virtix Pan & Scan for iMovie is the latest in a long series of special effects packages that also includes Zoom Effects and Echo, Bravo.

Virtix Pan & Scan contains 10 special effects that allow you to move back and forth within portions of a video clip.

The "pan" corresponds to the action of moving the camera from one position to another, both to follow an object and to create a "panoramic" effect. "Pan & Scan" is the technical term for simulating a Pan after the video and It was shot by zooming in on one portion of the image and moving to another portion of the image.

Virtix Pan & Scan allows iMovie users to move through an image at a constant speed or with a gradual speeding up at the beginning or a slowing down at the end of the virtual machine movement. One of the effects combines two other effects creating a fast pan of half a second and keeping the position at the end of the movement. Each effect has a version optimized for video clips with movement and a separate effect optimized for static images.

All Virtix panning algorithms operate at 60 fields per second to ensure accurate movement. Each pan effect integrates a motion blur to obtain the least "digital" aspect possible: an option that is not available many times in dedicated professional packages.

The Pan & Scan package contains two versions of each of the following effects: one for clips and one for static images: Pan, Pan Gentle, Pan Swish, Pan Start and Pan End. Each Pan & Scan effect has a numeric interface that makes so that the pan on split clips can match without interruption using the Pan Start and Pan End effects.

It only works on Mac OS X because the relative version of iMovie allows you to have more control of the effects with specific commands.

To find out more about the package that sells for 19.99 US Dollars, visit this page on the Virtix website.