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Videotapes on DVD thanks to Cirrus

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Videotapes on DVD thanks to Cirrus – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Cirrus Logic yesterday announced a new system for transferring old videotapes to digital media via computer.

The method, which will be sold to all those interested in the construction of compatible devices, has its real novelty in reduced costs. A peripheral based on the system developed by Cirrus should not cost more than $ 200, about 220 euros.

In practice, according to what has been learned from a company press release, the devices that will be based on Cirrus technology will produce images in MPEG format which can be transferred both to a computer for burning and to video for viewing.

According to Cirrus, who underlines how PC connectivity will be entrusted to the USB port and how computer resources will be engaged only marginally because the bulk of the work, the MPEG encoding, will be entrusted to the peripheral. This would mean that even those with not particularly powerful computers will be able to transfer videos to DVD.

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