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VideoProc modifies 4k video recorded with iPhone

VideoProc modifica video 4k

VideoProc modifies 4k video

When you're about to edit your 4K movies, you need software that makes the whole process fast and effortless. From this axiom arises VideoProc, a new suite of programs for Windows and Mac created by Digiarty Software, that 4k video editing, converts, edits and resizes videos recorded with iPhone (and not only).

VideoProc (essing): resize and edit 4K video

In principle, VideoProc allows you to edit most of the video formats used today, such as 4K, 8K and 3D movies, slow-motion recordings obtained with the iPhone camera and more. Even content extracted from DVDs and movies in ISO format.

One of the features of this software is the use of hardware acceleration. This guarantees the exploitation of all the resources made available by the PC, including the video card, thanks to Intel QSV and Nvidia CUDA / NVENC technologies, used to encode and decode the videos incredibly quickly. In addition, VideoProc can be used to convert media files to the formats you already want, resize iPhone movies, convert and backup DVDs and even record your PC screen.

Free VideoProc license

Until November 30th 2018 VideoProc gives you the chance to win an iPhone XS and much more. In order to participate in the extraction you must enter your email address in the form you find on this page.

How to resize and edit 4K videos

VideoProc software

The most recent iPhones on the market are able to record videos in 4K at 60fps. The result is an amazing smartphone movie everyone is able to record amazing movies, but file sizes are important. In principle, a minute of video recorded in 4K quality in H.264 format at 30 fps has a weight of about 350MB.

In addition to taking up a lot of space, if these videos are played on poorly performing devices and the hardware performance is not up to speed there can be different loading problems. Also, if you want to share a 4K movie on social networks, if you don't have a fast internet connection it could take a long time.

For this reason, video processing software is required to process high-resolution movies. Being a very common problem, the prerogative is to use an easy and lean program. VideoProc responds to most of these needs.

Resize 4K video without loss of quality

The first thing you can do to reduce the size of a video is to convert the format. Generally it is common to convert a movie to the MP4 format or, if you want more quality, to HEVC. In both cases you get a video with the highest quality but with smaller dimensions.

VideoProc makes it easy to get this result and more. It allows you to cut the length of videos or split the movie into several clips. You can also delete parts you don't want to leave in the video or adjust the proportions, bringing them to the most common 16: 9 widescreen instead of 4: 3 (the format used by the iPhone). Finally, even bitrate, framerate and video resolution adjustment can help reduce file size.

Easily edit and optimize videos

Video editing with VideoProc

VideoProc is a complete suite of programs that allows you to easily process any video. Not only those recorded by the iPhone but also GoPro and DJI, just to name a few. Like any great video editing software that respects itself, it allows you to merge several movies into one, rotate, mirror and flip a video and adjust the volume or the synchrony of the audio. Even changing the video playback speed is very simple and, if you want to create custom GIFs starting from one of our videos, VideoProc allows you to carry out the operation in a very simplified way.

One of the positive aspects of VideoProc which adapts to any type of user. Not only beginners, but also the most experienced can improve their recordings. For example, stabilizing blurry videos taken using action cams, drones or smartphones while you're walking or running. You can also improve movie quality, correct fisheye lens distortion and turn your video into an M3U8 profile for live streaming with simple clicks.

Moreover, the video processing is enhanced by hardware acceleration, which allows to process, convert and edit videos 47 times faster, with reduced CPU usage and without crashes or slowdowns.

If that wasn't enough, VideoProc includes a complete suite of DVD video processing tools that make it a one-stop multimedia processing suite. With just a few clicks, you can process and convert videos, audios and DVDs to digital formats, download and record videos without limits.

Convert your videos to any format

With over 370 built-in audio video codecs, VideoProc allows you to process and convert almost all videos in any format, such as multi-track MKV to MP4, M4A to MP3, YouTube to MP3, etc. And the 420+ ready-made profiles offer you a personalized playback experience on iPhone, Android, Samsung, tablets, game consoles, HDTVs, portable players and more.

In addition, VideoProc allows you to convert DVD discs, ISO images and DVD folders to digital formats for further processing and editing, such as converting DVDs to MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, MKV, MPEG, H.264 , etc. Six DVD backup modes help you save your data before it's lost forever.

Download and register freely

Equipped with a powerful engine that lets you download videos from the web, VideoProc allows you to download movies, music, live video, Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram, SoundCloud and over 1,000 other sites in parallel, saving offline videos with resolutions up to 4K / 8K (depending on the original quality of the video). It is also possible to access your Facebook account (and other social networks) and download private videos.

If you like to record your games, share tutorials with others or save some non-downloadable videos offline, VideoProc offers you three types of recording modes: full or partial screen recording, video recording with your webcam and screen recording and webcam (picture-in-picture mode).


VideoProc a complete suite that allows you to manage at 360 degrees the movies you record with your iPhone and more. I remind you that until November 30th 2018 you can participate in an iPhone XS extraction by entering your email on this page. If instead you are interested in the software, you can download the free trial for Windows and Mac starting from this link.