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Verizon: "iPhone is a bummed out woman"

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With the release of its Droid, Verizon has decided to beat the iron until hot, preparing a series of commercials that refer, even if not explicitly, to the Apple iPhone, available on the rival network AT&T.

The last of these commercials, entitled Pretty, compares a white cell phone, evidently identifiable with an iPhone, to the new Motorola Droid, painting the first as a cell phone all image and little substance, a sort of faded jerk who, in fact, is unable to give any substance, while the second would be a thick, powerful fast product, capable of penetrating the Net like "a circular saw through a banana", second one of the hard Hollywood metaphors so dear to stars and stripes marketing.

The images flow quickly, representing the iPhone through typical characteristics of a substantial superficiality of the apparatus, contrasting instead with the solid, powerful and effective image of the Droid, concrete and efficient.

Aggressive and highly effective, the spot leverages some of the peculiarities of the iPhone, namely the design and the fact that the device, after its release, has also become an object of style and image.

Instead, the reference to speed is a bit perplexing, given that the Apple mobile phone certainly does not have hardware that can be defined as "slow"; It is likely that the reference is more to AT&T, whose problems on the 3G network are known to all.

The fact remains that the Apple's mobile phone, whether you love it or hate it, always remains the opponent to beat: the Verizon commercial is not the first to target the iPhone and probably will not be the last.

Here is the spot.

[Edited by Giordano Araldi]