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Veeam the simplicity it makes

Veeam the simplicity it makes

Customers and partners choose Veeam for the simplicity and reliability of the product

Customers and partners choose Veeam for the simplicity and reliability of the product. Acquiring difficult new customers, how to keep existing customers happy: "For this we must always offer the best in terms of technology and service – emphasized Lara Del Pin, Channel Manager of Veeam Software – and certainly not easy. To do this it is necessary not only to have cutting-edge solutions, but also a channel that can bring these values ​​to customers ".

The greatest success for us has been explained by Lara Del Pin to hear the channel partners claiming to be happy to go and install Veeam because I know I will have a happy customer. " Another key aspect is the margin. On the more than 3,000 Veeam customers in Italy a great job is done by the partners and it is right to guarantee the appropriate marginality that serves to recognize their work on the customer.

Other advantages that have been introduced are an additional discount for sales made to new customers and a new bonus lineup for those selling the Enterprise solution. Above all, Veeam focuses on technology and new features that will be made available to conquer new spaces on the channel and among end customers.

To meet customers and the Veeam channel will be engaged in a roadshow starting from June on Milan and Rome: "We will have different moments for the channel and for users – explained Chiara Casella, Veeam marketing manager – we will also ask distributors to tell their experience with Veeam to present not only technology but also our philosophy ".