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VCDGear X 1.0: to convert VCD, MPEG Mac and Windows formats and images

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The software provides the same functionality as the VCDGear command line version for Mac OS X: it is basically a graphical interface written in AppleScript Studio and built around the convenient conversion application.

VCDGear a tool to manage the various file formats MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, does not perform the real and prior encoding but allows ik passage from one format to another by managing for example .bin, .cif, .cue, .dat, .mpg, .nrg (Nero image format), .raw and .sdf.

VCDGear can extract MPEG streams from CD images, convert VideoCD data files to MPEG format and correct MPEG errors. The software used is based on Dracore's VCDGear 1.6e engine.

We remind you that VCD Gear also exists in version for Mac OS 8 and above and works perfectly under Mac OS 9 and can be downloaded from this page.

To perform a conversion, simply open the source file, select the destination directory and choose the type of conversion to be carried out (with a check box for choosing the format) and the options in the second part of the window and then press on "convert" In the latest versions (1.6c) the possibility of exporting Toast-ready MPEG streams has appeared, in order to obtain CD-Roms compatible with the VCD 2.0 standard. In general, it is possible to burn the file produced on Tooast by choosing within the application. Roxio option "Video CD", clicking on "One or more MPEG Streams" and then adding the file (s) produced by the conversion

Note: From .dat to .mpg If you see the writing "Not a file that QuickTime understands" or "This file cannot be read by Quicktime" when opening an .mpg file it could be a .dat file taken from a VideoCD: Windows users rename the file in this way to make it read by Windows Media Player.Quicktime on Mac cannot read the VCD .dat files: VCD Gear allows you to open the file after a conversion from .dat to .mpg.

VCD Gear X can be downloaded from this page.

The current version requires Mac OS 10.2 (Jaguar)