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Vava Led Night Light review for children with USB charging

Vava Led Night Light review for children with USB charging

The contamination between electronics and lighting systems is certainly not a new fact and if on the one hand the lamps become intelligent and remotely controllable on the other hand even the simplest systems such as safety or wake lights for the little ones use power supplies and controls borrowed from much smarter devices

led night light for children

The lamp of which we report our impressions of use is based like many of the devices such as speakers and smart accessories, a power supply via USB socket and the power supply not included in the package trusting in the presence of a USB socket in the house or any external power supply for mobile phone or tablet: it is basically a portable device with a power of 2W and as such the internal 2200 mAh battery will be powered with a current of 5V and 1Ampere.

The packaging and the lamp

The colored packaging removes the anonymity of the device, making it possible to sell it in reticular stores and positioning it for colors and graphics in the sector of devices for children.

Inside we find the lamp divided into three parts: a translucent upper part that acts as a lighting body that can be activated with a double touch on the top or a continuous touch that regulates the intensity, the lower part with a front touch area and the lower part covered in rubber with a micro-USB charging socket.

In fact, the shape of a large egg that has something reassuring for the little ones and makes the product free of dangerous edges and gives it resistance even in the event of a fall. Also on board there are no switches and the only opening, that of access to the USB socket covered by a rubber, the same material with which the base is cushioned with an ingenious system that transforms it into a hook to hang the lamp upside down.

We must say that the rubber of excellent quality but that given the ease with which a child in age from first teeth could be brought to bite it we would not feel to leave the lamp within its reach: just put it on or hang it at a safe distance.

When the child has grown up and is no longer willing to bite or swallow small objects, the lamp is sufficiently safe both for those who use it and for the protection from external liquids.

How does it work

We have reported above the operation which is explained in each case in the enclosed manual also in Italian (with all the relevant warnings – congratulations to the company) which also reports the characteristics of the plate (see our photo gallery).

With a double touch we are able to turn it on from above or by holding the hand above to decrease the intensity, the switching on or off is also obtained by pushing on the central part of the background while the color temperature adjustment from warm to neutral is obtained by placing a finger on the Vava logo Front: we go from 2700 to 6500 Kelvin passing from warm to neutral to cold light.

From the photos that we attach, it is possible to have an idea of ​​the lamp's lighting capabilities and the ability to vary both the intensity and the color temperature: not really a reading lamp unless you carry your book under the sheets but it can be used to help take sleep children who fear absolute darkness or to illuminate a bathroom for a moment of relaxation in the bathtub. And IP65 but obviously you have to keep the USB socket well protected with its rubber cover.

Obviously in our test we had the collaboration of a small reviewer who confirmed the ease of use of the lamp and the immediacy of the switching off phase. Baby Night Light fell several times from the bed or from the bedside table but did not report any damage, testifying to its solid construction. The 80 hours of autonomy promised are true especially if you keep the lamp at a low intensity. Also noteworthy is the fact that the intensity is reduced a lot: if you have two children in the room, the second one will not be disturbed by the security light.


Ultimately a simple, effective product, with a pleasant design and good versatility for those looking for a small ambient or safety light to accustom children to sleep alone even if they are afraid of the dark.


Solid, versatile baby safe over teething let. Great price


Requires an external power supply (5V, 1A)

Retail price

At 16.99 Euros on Amazon. Available with white, blue or pink base.