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Utorch R9 review, the LED lamp that creates circles of light

Recensione Utorch R9, la lampada LED che crea cerchi di luce

In recent days we have tried Utorch R9, a lamp with a very particular shape. In fact, the light comes from inside a large ring and spreads throughout the room in dozens of different ways: with the remote control, in fact, not only do you adjust the color and intensity, but you can also activate different animations to create a certainly original light point.

Com done

It resembles a small hula hoop (diameter 32 cm) welded to a heavy pedestal: the result is a lamp that is not seen every day but well capable of being inserted inside any modern environment without clashing. The outer body painted white, a color that hides the LED edge when the lamp is turned off. The internal area in fact surrounded by a semi-cylindrical section with a matte finish so as not to dazzle the view if you look directly at it.

Utorch R9 review, the LED lamp that creates circles of light

The construction appears solid and the base, in addition to being rather heavy, about half a kilo, also sufficiently wide to make sure that the lamp does not hesitate even if you hit it by mistake (therefore also give way to a review of home basketball to nip moments of boredom).

The only flaw, the smell of the rubber cover that covers the bottom: a miasma mixed with oil and burnt rubber that shows no sign of leaving even after prolonged exposure in the open air. C for good news: if you are not moving it continuously, once you wash resting on a bedside table, a table or a desk, the mat is covered and the stole disappears (or rather, it is absorbed by the support surface).

Another thing, but this could be a defect related to the unit under test, the shape is not perfectly circular: the lamp has a deformation on the upper side and, in the diametrically opposite side, there is a crack in the metal frame probably due to the strong compression that the lamp may have suffered during transport.

It must have taken a good hit as the packaging is excellent: the lamp is in fact enclosed within a thick polyester casing that completely covers the entire structure. If it happens to you too, contact the service center and have it returned.

How does it work

To operate, Utorch R9 requires power, so to be able to use it you will not have batteries to rely on – although the base would have had ample space available to accommodate a battery – but you will necessarily have to connect it to a power outlet using the power supply included in the package. Know that the cable is a little short (1 meter).

Once connected, the second bad news arrives: it only comes on via remote control. In fact, there is no switch along the cable, nor on the base (we repeat: there is plenty of space to plant one somewhere), so if the remote control hidden somewhere, no light. Last but not least, there are no batteries in the package, so remember to equip yourself with two AAA mini-batteries to be able to use it immediately.

You can still manage everything from the remote control, from coloring (7 in all: warm white, purple, blue, yellow, blue, green and red) to intensity (5 brightness levels), up to activating one of the various animations present by adjusting color and speed (3 speed levels). There are monochromatic animations and others that mix 3 colors, also here with different selectable combinations.

Some buttons on the remote control do not work (a problem with our unit?) But we still managed to try all the modes available, including the possibility of memorizing your favorite lighting and recalling it when necessary with a click.


Apart from problems, which we believe are related to the specific unit rather than to a production defect of the entire line, the lamp makes its appearance. The very good construction and the available light effects are manifold and adaptable to various situations.

The maximum brightness is not very strong: the warm white light at maximum intensity just enough to read a book in a completely dark room and even if it is positioned behind a TV 49, the light that bounces on the wall is not so intense to guarantee a good effect of light to accompany watching a movie. But if you want to plant it on a corner of the house and amaze your friends with some colorful animation, then Utorch R9 is for you.

Utorch R9 review, the LED lamp that creates circles of light


  • Different colors and light animations available
  • Remote control
  • Particular design


  • Bad and persistent stench of gum at the bottom of the base
  • Low maximum brightness
  • A switch on the lamp is missing to avoid using the remote control when not within reach
  • In the package there are no batteries for the remote control power supply

Retail price

Utorch R9 for sale on GearBest at a price of around 42 euros.The offer valid while stocks last; for more information on shipping costs and times, any charges and order management, you can consult the seller's website.