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Use Nintendo 64 games on Android

Although there are exceptional video games on the market from all points of view, very often we tend to look at the games of the times that were with a hint of nostalgia. Fortunately, information technology as well as looking to the future, with increasingly modern computers and exceptional smartphones, not infrequently does not forget its past. The retrogaming sector is an aspect of information technology that shows no sign of losing momentum. In fact, not only independent developers create software, called emulators like the Mupen 64 Plus AE , which allow the use of more or less old games directly from the device in use but the same software houses not infrequently reproduce old titles for the latest generation game consoles, obtaining an important success.

The first case is the one that will be analyzed in this article. Although there are many games, and very often of excellent workmanship, for Android the possibility of using your smartphone to play old console games is still interesting thanks to emulators such as Mupen 64 Plus AE. Nintendo has produced, during its more than thirty years of experience, a long series of consoles that have left their mark on the hearts of all video game enthusiasts. Specifically for the Nintendo 64, titles have been created that have fascinated and still fascinate many people.

An excellent method to emulate Nintendo 64 games on an Android smartphone is the use of an application created for this purpose. TheMupen 64 Plus AE one of the best software for the emulation of the Nintendo 64 game console. To use this software insert the roms into the device via USB connection. To make it necessary to create a special folder to be named "ROM" and insert the games inside. To play you need to touch the emulator icon and load the game from the above folder.

It should be borne in mind that it is not legal to download roms from the internet and that by downloading software it is possible to incur various risks, so if you decide to take this path, you do so assuming all the risks.

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