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Use Android apps and programs on Mac with BlueStacks

Use Android apps and programs on Mac with BlueStacks


BlueStacks, the Android desktop emulator, also arrives on Mac OS X. AndroidBluestacks emulator now available for MAC

From today, Android leaps also work on Mac: Bluestacks available in final version

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Use Android apps and programs on Mac with BlueStacks

Android apps arrive on OS X thanks to BlueStacks for Mac

Bluestacks, the famous Android emulator, now also available for Mac. All Mac users, therefore, can easily use, try and install Android applications directly on Mac quickly and easily thanks to Bluestacks.

From today in fact final version of BlueStacks for Mac available, free application for OS X that allows you to launch over 750,000 apps for Mac on Android smartphones and tablets.If you have a Mac and want to try one of the many programs made for Android, from today you can do it in an extremely immediate way. Let's see how BlueStacks for Mac works and what features it offers.

What BlueStacks? What is BlueStacks used for?

BlueStacks an emulator which allows you to install, use and test Mac apps for Android, also using the computer keyboard and mouse. In practice with BlueStacks you can use all applications made for Android on the Mac in an extremely simple way.

BlueStacks long available for Windows PC, but only today has been updated in a definitive version and become fully compatible also with Mac.

Try Android on Mac with BlueStacks | Launch Android app on Mac

The new version of BlueStacks for Mac It supports a very large number of apps: the developers claim that they can run over 750,000 Android applications on Apple computers, downloadable from the Google Play Store like all the other apps for smartphones and tablets.

The company said that everything has been optimized to interact better with Mac hardware, starting with retina screens or gesture support on the trackpad. In addition to this, microphone, webcam support and direct access to graphic resources guarantee optimal performance even with the most demanding apps and games.

How does BlueStacks work on Mac?

The concept and operation behind BlueStacks similar to that of PC virtualizer software such as Fusion or Parallels Desktop; in this case, instead of emulating a PC, the Google mobile platform, ie the Android operating system, is virtualized. The virtualization technology in question (patented) called Layercake and, among the developer partners, we find Asus and AMD.

What is BlueStacks for Mac used for? What use does it have?

The BlueStacks app for Macit can be convenient if for some reason you need or want to use some Android apps on your Mac desktop; just to give an example, at the moment there is no client for Instagram in desktop version for Mac, but with Bluestacks it is possible to use the Android app without problems directly from the Mac. Same goes for all the other Android applications and other Android games that at the moment they only work on Android and not on Mac. If one day you feel like play Clash of Clans on your Mac, you can do it with BlueStacks for Mac,all using the mouse and keyboard functionality, which is not a trivial matter.

From Whatsapp to Hangout, passing through social networks and games, you will find all the apps that you currently find on the Google Play Store on any Android device, so if you were looking forward to exploiting some of them on your Mac, you will now be able to do it very easily.

DownloadBlueStacks for Mac | Where to download BlueStacks Mac

The BlueStacks application can be downloaded from HERE. Downloading the Mac version weighs 241.4 MB.

Try BlueStacks for Mac and let me know what you think and how you find yourself with this fantastic program that allows you to use Android apps and games on Mac.

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