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USB diskette from Iomega

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USB diskette from Iomega –

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Iomega launches two USB mini-disks

The American company has today announced a new product that is part of the now populous segment that has undergone a real explosion of interest over the past few months.

Two models of the Mini USB Drive, one 64 MB and one 128 MB that Iomega advertises as the ideal solution for those who need to move files from one computer to another, in a simple and transparent way, even of considerable size.

The device is characterized by its extremely small size and its compatibility with all operating systems, including Mac OS X and its compatibility with the Mass Storage standard. To use the disk, just open the cap and connect it to a USB port. It is also supplied with a key ring type for transport.

The cost is $ 69.95 for the 64 MB model and $ 99.95 for the 128 MB model.

The Mini Drive will go on sale during the Comdex Fall which opens in Las Vegas next week; a 256 MB model will arrive early next year.

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