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USB 2 also on laptops

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USB 2 also on laptops logomacitynet1200wide 1

Orange Micro has focused heavily on the USB 2 standard, its many solutions in an Apple environment with this standard. Therefore, a product dedicated to laptops could not be missing. The PC Card allows you to connect up to 4 peripherals to your machine simultaneously and without external hubs, also equipped with an additional power supply in case we want to connect USB peripherals that need a power greater than the one that the PC Card slot is able to pass. To work, the card needs to see Card Bus technology on the machine, moreover present on all the machines officially supported by the product, working only on G3 and G4 laptops, also the card you will not be able to work with the USB 2 standard if we do not use OS X. The limitation strictly depends on the operating system, the card in fact works perfectly with operating systems from 8.6 to 9.1 but can only work with the USB 1.x standard with such systems; vice versa, in the implementation on OS X, as for similar products, the USB 2 standard is also enabled, thus fully exploiting the highest available speed. The product remains interesting even for those who do not immediately intend to exploit OS X, despite not there are official prices, in fact, reliably it could have a price to the end user in the order of $ 125, not very much considering that we are talking about a product with 4 available ports and with the possibility of being powered externally; finally, when we decide to switch to OS X, we will immediately have an even better product. The availability of the product in a very short time, starting from the month of May, Italian distributors should start receiving the first copies.

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